Yoga Stick Figure Magnets

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This is the innovation in the yoga market! Yoga Stick Figure Magnets for playfully creating sequences and decorating magnetic surfaces. This tool is a must for all yoga teachers looking for an easy way to create their yoga classes. Plan your classes, take pictures of your sequences, and share them with your students or private clients.
The Yoga Stick Figure Magnets are also fun for yoga students to create their own flow and attach it to a magnetic board as motivation. Children also love this form of creative expression.
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All products are ecologically sustainable and vegan.


Every design is hand-drawn by Yoga Journaling founder Karin.

Size: Heigth / Widths: Ø 3-7 cm

Remarks: The magnet board is not included.

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Deepen your practice | Improve your teaching.


All stick figures and designs are drawn by Karin