Chakra Flow

14 new stick figure flows

Explore the transformative power of Chakra Flow, the latest release from Yoga Journaling founder Karin Baltisberger! 🌈

Unlock the secrets of energy science in yoga with this 
user-friendly guide. Delve into the world of chakras and elevate your well-being with practical insights for a harmonized life.

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Key benefits of Chakra Flow


Gain profound insights into your life and energy balance. By working on your chakras, you gain more clarity, power and serenity.

14 yoga flows

Learn to balance your chakras through 14 purposeful yoga flows. The sequences are hand-drawn with yoga stick figure Toby. Practice at your own pace.


Cultivate a fresh perspective on yourself and your life. Heal traumas, gain self-confidence and more well-being in everyday life.


What to expect?

  • A comprehensive introduction to the chakra system
  • Dedicated chapters for each of the 7 major chakras, featuring essential yoga poses
  • Two curated yoga sequences (45-60 mins. and 15-25 mins.) for every chakra, beautifully illustrated with stick figures
  • Thought-provoking journaling questions tailored to each chakra
  • Guided meditations to enhance your energetic balance
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Why Chakra Flow?

Explore the comprehensive overview for each chakra, highlighting key poses to harmonize energy centers and their profound effects on both body and mind.

Tailored to your schedule, enjoy two curated yoga sequences for every chakra: a brief session (15 to 25 minutes) and a more extended practice (45 to 60 minutes). Elevate your yoga experience with beauty and purpose.

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The book is so good, the paper is really nice, it’s informative and really user friendly. Perfect size too! It can slip in a book and be portable, also not too heavy. 

Emmy Beverly

I just received the new Chakra Flow book and am in love! I’m a yogi who prefers to hold a book in my hands, and this one is BEAUTIFUL!

Dina Harper