When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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Welcome to the Yoga Teacher Space. Here you will find inspiration, ideas and products to take your yoga classes to the next level. Browse through and let yourself be inspired.

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The 5 best tools for yoga teachers

The 5 best tools for yoga teachers

Do you need inspiration for your yoga classes? Or are you looking for helpful tools to help you design sequences? I have put together the best tools and resources for yoga teachers here.

Why Yoga Teachers Should Plan Their Classes in Advance

Why Yoga Teachers Should Plan Their Classes in Advance

While spontaneity has its place, a well-prepared yoga class offers numerous benefits that ultimately enhance the experience for both the teacher and the students. 

How to Keep Your Yoga Classes Fresh and Interesting

How to Keep Your Yoga Classes Fresh and Interesting

  As a yoga teacher, maintaining the freshness and appeal of your classes is crucial for student retention and engagement. Keeping your classes dynamic not only benefits your students but also invi...


The 123 most essential poses for your yoga practice

My newest product is finally here: the 123 Asanas Collection. A collection of 123 yoga poses drawn as stick figures. Under each figure, you will find the English and Sanskrit names of the pose. The...

How to sequence

How to create a yoga sequence

As a yoga teacher, I created hundreds of yoga flows and sequences. In my new video, I explain how I create a peak pose sequence. This is perfect if you are a yoga teacher and looking for inspiratio...


8 reasons why you should teach yoga beginners

When I started teaching yoga, I quickly specialized in beginners. During the teacher training, I got my whole family to take up yoga so I had someone to practice with. I love teaching beginners and...

Find your identity as a yoga teacher


Why did you become a yoga teacher? Why do you want to teach students?


How do you appear as a yoga teacher? What feeling do you want to convey?


What do you actually do in your yoga classes? What do you teach? What philosophy, poses and practices?

Chakra Flow

Deepen your knowledge

Chakra Flow is an understandable and practical guide to the world of the seven chakras. Expand your knowledge, balance your chakras and receive 14 new flows, drawn as stick figures. High quality and vegan production.

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Frequently asked questions of yoga teachers and yoga instructors.

Get inspired for your yoga classes

The Stick Figure Booklet contains 10 different yoga flows that you can use to prepare your yoga classes. Let yourself be inspired. Use parts or whole flows for your own classes. Get additional inspiration for the theming and context of your class. The booklet is small and light and can be taken anywhere.

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