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My Teacher Training with Dylan Werner


An incredible journey lies behind me. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to give up and never go home again. That's what my advanced teacher training with Dylan Werner was like. 

After the first two days, I actually thought about giving up. "I'm not one to give up. I have never given up in my life," popped into my head. I couldn't believe that I had already reached my limits after two days. It wasn't the training, it wasn't the people - it was the intensity. 

The training always starts at 6 a.m. and was finished at 9 p.m. We only had short breaks to eat. No me-time, no hanging out, no breathers. And this was going to go on for 4 weeks now. I'm used to working hard, giving my all and also have a lot of energy - but this was a different level. Above all, I was missing the me-time. The time to reflect and realize.

"Now you finally have a longer vacation and what do you do? Instead of resting, you're challenging yourself even more," went through my head. I work as a manager in an insurance company and actually needed rest. But I didn't realize that until much later. 

The training had everything I like: extensive yoga lessons, intense handstand training, and lots of scientific and philosophical input. It was clear that I could learn so much here. And that was also why I was so eager to persevere. 

It turned out that after a week, it actually got easier. Not the training or the schedule - but I started to get used to the intensity. And most importantly, I felt carried and supported by the people who were doing the training with me. I had never experienced that before in my life. I am so grateful that I met these people. 

In summary, I can say that the training has changed me permanently. I have learned a lot about yoga and the science of stretching, I have trained harder than ever before and most importantly I have learned a lot about myself. I feel more grounded since the training and have better access to my emotions. This is a breakthrough for me. 

After the training, I decided to quit my well-paid insurance job and start my own business. This has always been my dream. 

Do you have any questions about the Teacher Training with Dylan Werner? Then leave me a comment here!

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