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How to motivate yourself for your yoga practice


It is not always easy to motivate yourself for your yoga practice. Today, so much is demanded of us and we quickly feel overwhelmed. And then to practice yoga... how can we do that?

Motivation comes from within. I have put together six steps on how I can motivate myself.

Step 1: Find your why!

It starts with the most important step: find your why. Why do you want to practice yoga? For example, do you have a specific goal? You might want to live healthier or take more time for yourself. You want to become stronger, fitter, or more flexible. You want to reduce stress or gain a special skill like handstands or arm balances. No matter what your why is, it should be more than a "nice to have" for you. It should really grab you. Therefore, take time to consider your why. You should be intrigued by it, it should touch your heart. It's not bad if you don't know your why yet. Sit down, meditate, journal about it. When you find your why that grabs you, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Commitment

Now it's time for your commitment. Nothing works without your commitment. Say yes to your why and commit yourself to work on it. Write down what you are committing to - that way it takes on an official character. Maybe even hang the sentence somewhere you'll see it so you'll remember it. 

Step 3: Don't be attached to the outcome

This is perhaps the hardest part when it comes to motivation. Often we have a lot of motivation in the beginning when we are animated by a goal. But after a few days or weeks, we realize that the goal is not so easy to achieve, we may face hurdles and difficulties and don't believe we can do it and give up. Therefore, find joy in the practice and not in whether you reach your goal. Believe in yourself, keep at it, enjoy the process, and don't hold on to the result. Whether the result comes or not - show up on your mat. That's all that matters.

Step 4: Review your stories 

What have been the reasons you haven't practiced so far? Make a list.

These are your stories. Stories you tell and believe. For example, I don't have time. I am too tired. I am not flexible enough. Not strong enough.  On my list for a long time was that I'm not flexible enough for yoga.

Whatever is on your list, check the stories. Are they really true? Or are they excuses?

  • Let's say your list says you're not flexible enough. Great, then yoga is perfect for you because you become more flexible every time you practice.
  • Or it says you don't have time: You don't even have 5 minutes? If you just sit and breathe for 5 minutes, you are already practicing yoga. Everyone has 5 minutes.
  • Or it says you're too tired: then lie down and meditate. If you fall asleep, wonderful, then you needed that. If not, then you've been practicing yoga.

This blog post is based on a youtube video of mine:

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